From the Desk of Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob TH.D.

Preachers should preach the gospel so plainly and with such conviction,that men can come from any walk of life,and not have to bring a dictionary...or their wallet.

If Jesus had preached the same message that MANY are preaching today, He would never had been crucified.
For there would not have been enough evidence found to convict Him. They would have had to set Him free.
Just as MANY "Pastors" would not be found " guilty " today.

Why is that maybe?

Because there are both preachers and congregants that really don't like the Bible.
I'll say it this way: the reason why you don't like the Bible you sinner, is because it knows and exposes to much about you.

Until next time...

" What Does The Bible Say...?"

All Scripture is KJV. I encourage you to read such where it is not fully written out. Many people, both believers and unbelievers, hold false beliefs about this matter.Simply because the Word of God is not their standard for comparison.
The Bible has more than thirty references to...Euthanasia.

Many pastors are at fault for not teaching biblical truth on this matter.So many do not have God's input and therefore place themselves, unknowingly,in a damnable position with God.

What is Euthanasia? It is the taking of a life before God's time.
Hebrews 9:27 "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment". Here,God decides when! Physicians are NOWHERE in Scripture given authority by God to take someone's life.
Ecclesiastes 7:16-17, (v.16) "Be not righteous over much(overly righteous); neither make thyself over(overly) wise:why shouldest thou destroy thyself? (v17) Be not over much (overly) wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?".

Yes, what does God have to say about Euthanasia? Or do you even care? The word itself does not appear in Scripture, but the practice of it does,with more than thirty references in Scripture.
Euthanasia not only threatens your life at a future time, but the life of a loved one. Man's law may make it "right", but God still condemns it.

Apart from the government in the case of capital punishment,all other human beings are given the commandment "Thou shalt not kill",(Exodus 20:13).
This word means to murder. It does not refer to self- defense or protection of innocence life.
And,"Thou shalt not murder",(Matt. 19:18).This is premeditated, planned.
Often those in favor of euthanasia, use the words "mercy" or "compassion" as their argument.

The Scriptures authorize man to treat the pain,but...does not authorize taking the life of the dying.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, (v.1)"To everything there is a season,and a time to every purpose under the heaven:(v.2)A time to be born, and a time to die...".
I encourage you to read 3:1-8.
And consider Eccl. 8:8, "There is no man that hath power over the spirit (life) to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death...".

One of the topics in the political arena today and for about the last fifteen years or so,is in regards to physician assisted suicide...a.k.a euthanasia.
First Corinthians 3:16-17, reading in (v.17)"If any man defile (destroy) the temple of God (your body), him will God destroy,for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are".And also again Heb. 9:27.

There are three good definitions of Euthanasia which are popular today:
First:" Easy painless death.A painless killing, especially to end a painful and incurable disease".
Second: " From current societal evolution...physician assisted-suicide, mercy killing, and/or compassion killing".
Third: " The act or method of causing death painlessly,so as to end suffering; advocated by some as a way to deal with persons dying of incurable painful disease". This is often administered and accomplished by the pre-planned mixture of the combination of Adivan and to calculate when death will occur. Yes, a trying subject indeed!
I've dealt with this on both sides of my family and others.
Many truly do not understand what happens in this devilish process.
If they truly did, they would not permit it.And at the same time damning themselves before God while supporting it.

Now, according to the definition given, one can or should see that this is just another form of murder.
How?Because it advocates one or more human beings deciding WHEN another human being is to die, and then assist in carrying out that process.
Although on the surface, this type of death may "seem" better than living when a loved one is suffering, there are grave consequences as man takes on the "position of" God, when it comes to dealing with life and death issues.Again, Eccl. 8:8 and 1st Cor. 3:16-17.
The awesome powerful Word of God was given to mankind, so that we would know what the will of God is in matters such as this.
At any age,sickness, situation or circumstance, euthanasia is an absolute sin of murder.
It is against the Word of God. Take for example...aging people:When people get old (yeah, hang around long enough),they usually begin to have physical problems of sort.
In the Bible for example, it talks about several people having failing eyesight in their old age, diseased feet, ect.
But... No where does it say it is okay to go ahead and kill someone, just because they have a sickness or some other problem...including terminal cases.Or because they can't do all the things they used to do.

Red-flag this: Adolf Hitler did this very thing under many diabolical-deceptive programs and practices for many years.
Yes, ask any Jewish person who survived the holocaust.
Whether elderly, sick, diseased,or terminal,these people sometimes feel useless and burdensome, helpless or limited in what they can do.

But to all of you practitioners and believers of euthanasia,God says they are very valuable,and can still have a purpose in their latter years, in their final moments,even in their remaining hours,1st Cor. 3:16-17.
Oh, and by the way, this also includes abortion and murder, for it to is the taking of a life BEFORE God's time.
Those who practice it,supports it, participates in it, performs it, whether it be abortion, euthanasia or murder,are guilty of ...the sin of murder.

But know this ,He loves you too.
He does not want you to perish eternally.
He is just and faithful to forgive you your sins (1st John 1:9). Repent. And call out to Christ your Savior and ask Him to take control of your life.

Yes, it's been a hard subject to deal with. But with Christ,ALL things are possible.

Until next time...

Are you spiritually dead?

We read in Rev. 3:15-16 (v.15 and 16): "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of thy mouth" (KJB).

As I read, study, research, and look around, I am concerned about the state of the church.
I believe that Christianity across this land has subtlety shifted away from the Gospel.
Instead of being the light of the world, Christians are beginning to talk and behave just like the "world."
Christian church leaders and Christians in general are exchanging the truth for tolerance.
The Christian community needs to reflect on whether they are affecting the world or being infected by it.

The present condition of the church and America leaves one to wonder if this lack of fearing The Lord is contributing to her spiritually dead condition.
You see, a healthy respect of God is what our culture and church desperately need.
Truly, American church leaders seem to be more concerned about keeping an audience than preaching the truth from the pulpit.
They are known as "seeker-sensitive" churches and apostate pastors/teachers.
To truly preach the message of the Cross is "taboo".
Although many people applaud boldness, if the truth be told, life would have been much easier if I would have taken another vocation and simply avoided such controversy.
But I know I cannot, for I know the God of the Bible called me out to preach an uncompromising truth, whatever the cost may be.
For those who know me, "seeker-sensitive" I am not!

The power of God's Holy Spirit, despite my imperfections, changed my life through His revealed truth.
I can't go back. I can't.
Many pastors have taken on the role of businessmen, and CEO's, and have not understood that they are called to lead, to point the way for people to accept and follow Christ.
You see folks, I believe the pulpit regulates the spiritual condition of God's people. A lukewarm, sex-saturated culture and church, simply reflects the lack of condition of the man behind the pulpit.
Where the pastor is wrong, the people are wrong; where the Pastor is deceived, the people are deceived; where the pastor is apostate, the people are apostate!
Still, the lack of conviction also depends on the prayer life of the preacher.
The weaker the prayer life, the weaker the preacher; stronger the prayer life, stronger the preacher...and his message will reflect either.
Prayer is the first sign of a spiritual healthy leader and church body. Pastors, what is the condition of your prayer life? Are your knees bent in prayer to Almighty God before you deliver that message?

Sadly, and often, pastors focus too much on marketing plans, demographic studies, or giving campaigns of sorts. Instead, leaders need to focus on being spirit-filled.
Sermons should not come from pop-psychology and the latest fad, they must come from the prayer closet, and life's experiences around you -- not the Internet or someone else's little booklets.
Allow God to prepare the messenger before the messenger prepares the message. You see, it takes "broken men" to "break men."

In order to reverse the trend, leaders need to draw way from mass appeal and remain true to Biblical foundations, despite the temptation to be lured into mainstream culture.
Pastors should not appeal to the masses through "selective preaching" of the Word that does not call-out destructive lifestyles, but instead begin a revival that will trigger and challenge individuals to change.
If we in the church continue down this slippery slope, there is little hope for the flock of God and the lost.

Apart from a national spiritual awakening, it will be difficult to turn the Titanic around. The vessel has been struck – what's inside is spilling out.
But, if Almighty God brings revival, and if we once again set our hearts and minds on Him, there is tremendous hope.
There will not be an end until Christ returns, but folks, and to you pastors in the Lord, we are not called to hide in the corner, we are called to engage the enemy in battle.

Until next time...

"What did Jesus look like?"

First: It is necessary to say,take time to refer to Scripture as it is given.
Second:many will believe tradition before they will Scripture.
Third: full justice cannot be given to this doctrinal concern in the limited space afforded.
Fourth: miss any of the first three,and you won't understand and will continue on with the falsehood of what you think Jesus looks like...according to "tradition. ( All reference is KJB).

Believe it of not, did you know that the Bible never, anywhere, gives any physical description of The Lord Jesus Christ.The closest thing we get to a description is in Isa. 53:2b.

All this tells us is that Jesus' appearance,was just like any other man's, He was just ordinary looking. "No form or comeliness", denotes His humble origin,rather than His personal appearance. "Beauty" may also be read as "eloquence".This description does not mean that He will be homely or ugly. But, He will not appear on the scene in all of the refinery of royalty and it's symbols of a king. He will come as one who is common. Nothing could better describe the humble experience of Jesus, as that of a common rabbi.

Isaiah here was prophesying that the coming suffering Servant,would rise up in lowly condition and wear none of the usual emblems of royalty.This then, making His true identity visible,but, only to the discerning eye of faith.

Look at Isa, 52:14,he further describes the appearance of Christ as He would appear as He was being scourged prior to the crucifixion. These words describe the inhumanity,the inhumane cruelty, that He suffered to the point,that He no longer looked like a human will see that if you follow me to: Matt.26:67; 27:30; Jn 19:3. So, we see that His appearance was so awful,that people looked at Him in astonishment,amazement, bewilderment and unbelief. He was not even a recognizable human being.Now go with me to Ex.20:3-5,then to Ps. 135:15-18. The images, sketches,drawings, paintings,statutes,"busts",etc. that we have of Christ throughout the centuries and today,are NOT accurate renderings.At best they are only misleading!

Are you still hang in' in there with me? Great!

Jesus was a Jew, so like other Jews in that region then and now,He most likely had dark skin, eyes and hair.This is a far cry from the: blond hair,blue eyed, fair skinned Jesus in modern day pictures and movies.
Most people, including pastors teaching otherwise, fail to study/research their biblical history and cultural backgrounds of the period under here in Jesus' time.And therefore,(and I understand,unintentionally) can seriously misrepresent a doctrinal issue. Before, during and after the time of Jesus,Scripture makes it clear that it was disgraceful for a man to wear long hair...unless he had taken a Nazirite vow as Samson did.

One thing should start to be clear by now:if it were important for us to know what Jesus really looked like, the disciples who spent three intimate years with Him ( except for Judas Iscariot and Paul ),would certainly been able to give us an accurate description,wouldn't you think so? And surely His half-brothers James and Jude could have and would have.

Yet as you STUDY the Scriptures,the New Testament writers offer absolutely no clues or details as to His physical attributes and appearance. Why? Because we are to consider Jn.4:24,"God is Spirit, and they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in truth". Hollywood has never wanted to show the origin of the long-haired Jesus. If they did,they would have to be directed back to the middle of the Fourth century as to the source of the error. Of all those who did see Jesus on this earth,when the last living soul who did, when he or she died,no one from then on knew what He looked. Jesus never sat for a drawing or anything like that. At best, and I repeat, at best, all such things are only the artist's perceptions...and there is NO Scriptural basis or authorization. Short hair ( just over the ears some, but not long and flowing),before, during, and after the time Jesus lived,was the general and accepted custom.HINT: just make a tentative survey of all the "busts" of men made...short hair!!!

The second and third commandment, Exodus 20:3-4 clearly forbids any rendering by anyone, of what Christ may look like.
(V3)"thou shalt have no other gods before me" Images, even of Him are equated with other gods.
(V4)"thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath,or that is in the water under the earth".
Now, you must decide this day, what do you believe? The traditions (teachings) of men, or Holy Scripture?
Until next time...

" If we could restore the way we were."

The Apostle Paul stated in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brethren, whatsoever
things are true,whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things".
Paul here is speaking of "things" here on earth that affect us in this life, then give God all the praise for it.What things do you think on? Are they the things above?
Let me share the things I think on and praise my Lord for,maybe they are like yours. Much has changed throughout this land
since my boyhood...a man now 70 (gulp)!!! Many changes, unfortunately
haven't been good.

Will the changes we face become darker? Will they be too fearful for our
youth today? Will they be robbed of nostalgic memories? Communities were different in the 40's through the 60's,even the 70's.Different too were this
lands people.
No, indeed, it wasn't a utopia. But there was a certain quality of innocence about life. I recall the realness of people in the neighborhoods while growing
up in the east-central Illinois town of Danville.
Like me, I'm certain you recall with fondness, the events which have affected our lives. A time when the raking of leaves was a neighborhood event. Grownups raked as the kids ran
and played;diving joyfully into the mountains of gold, brown, red and auburn.
As day came to a close, we saw the approach of evening, with puffs of white smoke dotting Martin Street...ah yes...and the nostalgic aroma of burning leaves.

When our milkman's route (yeah,we had one of them) was increased
to include many more families, neighbors were joyful with him.And with his
wife expecting a new addition to the family,the extra income arrived just in time...yes, The Lord is good.
We didn't have electronic games, VCR's and CD's,Computers and such.Most didn't have a TV, and if you did, it was three channels (a bit snowy...
remember?) and it signed off at midnight with the "Star-Spangled Banner"
with Old Glory waving...remember?
But most sat by the radio, listening to favorite programs...yeah, just like the Walton's we did!
Parents and the elders taught the kids about the integrity of life, personal accountability, honor, responsibility, dignity,respect, reverence for God, and love of the country-land.
Kids were taught (and learned) to be well behaved at home and in public, respectful toward their elders, well-mannered.
An artificial code of behavior didn't exist. What did exist was integrity as a
way of life.

Parents had a sense of parenting over their children. If a kid misbehaved,he was likely to be scolded by a neighbor (and with dad's
blessing) as he was by his own parent. Mischief then was about the extent of Dennis the Menace.
Ah! And mischief was climbing that 40 foot water-tower edge of town, just to see if it could be done...and hope dad didn't find out.
It was a time when doors were left unlocked and windows rolled night. Milk was delivered to the front doorsteps, socializing with the neighbors
on the front porch as they walked by. A time when a boy's new puppy was
news on the block.

A new baby in the family brought neighbors who made pies, cakes, and fried make sure mom, family and new baby were looked after. We followed edges of cornfields where we picked our "spot" to build "secret" forts from cornstalks.
We followed creeks into the woods where we lived "bold and daring" dreams
as pirates and explorers of years past.
We relived and created those brave exploits of patriotic Americans of yesteryear. Yes, 'twas a time of simple faith and trust.
But, something happened to this country's we call America.Something happened to her, to her neighbors, civic leaders, police,school boards,and yes,even our elected officials.
Oh countryland, can you forgive us? Lord, forgive us all! Revive us for our youth's sake.Restore us to the eloquence of yesteryear.Now, what things did you think on?

Well, until next time...

" His Name Is Jesus"

The Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 2: 9-11, (v9) "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name": (v10)" That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;"(v11)"
And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the
glory of God the Father". (KJV).

Many well meaning folk do not have a final authority. But I'm glad to say I do have a final authority. Many believe we do not actually have in the English language, God's pure Word with a capital "W". It seems they believe God did not preserve His Word,other than in the "original" languages as it was
written in, which
of course we no longer have; only the most ancient and ancient manuscripts (MSS) do we have... that is, copies. With that belief, they do not have an absolute final authority. As an example,there are many that shy away
from the name of Jesus.
Yes, there IS something about that name!

They prefer the Greek rendering, which they say is actually YAHWEH.
As for myself, I love the name JESUS. Just read the text once again.
These verses reveal God's response to Jesus's sacrifice in verse 6-8.
Please take a moment to read it. For the Father "hath highly exalted him"
to a place of honor. And made His name ABOVE, that is, "more
excellent than" every name.
Yes, the name that is above all others is JESUS.

Then there is the song entitled: "There's Something About That Name".
It gives me chills just listening to the words as they are sung.
It is the most blessed and wonderfull name ever given: beautiful,
powerful, and elegant...and Holy is His name. Seldom, if ever, do I begin my morning devotions,without thanking God the Father in heaven for
His wonderful Son Jesus,and the Bible
which is the PURE Word of God given by all Scripture is given...and not one single error, not one!

I thank God for Jesus Christ, the ONLY Savior.

Now, some folk out there 'round about , have a different Jesus than
I have.To some, they have a Jesus with only love at His core.
To other folks, He is "just" a prophet, or a teacher, or a figment
of the imagination, or abstract entity of some sort, or...well ,His
description by those who are genuinely lost for all eternity goes
on and on of course. <br>Yes, most certainly, Jesus is love, that is God's nature. But He is also Holy, pure, sinless, and soon He is
coming back to judge this world and take vengeance on all those who have PERVERTED His Word, His love,and His Holiness! Believe it or not,
accept it or not,He is coming back. Not as a lamb for the slaughter
as before, but as the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Those who are in "religions "of sorts, denying He is God
(John 1:1 among many Scriptures),their knees shall bow along
with Satan's. But those who have a genuine "relationship " with Him,
will be an eternity with Him. So, who will be able to stand against His brightness? No one, not a single person.

The name of Jesus is above ALL names.He is above all gods...
for all other gods are only demonic. He is indeed found in every
book of God's holy Word...the Holy Bible,from Genesis to Revelation.
It is a beautiful, lovely, precious name.
There is something about THAT name. A name higher than any name.

Well, until next time... Pastor Bob Steht

"Let's just say ..."

Let's just say for a moment, that there was somebody in the White House,
and they wanted to destroy this nation. Now, my thinking is:

(1st) I would create a division among the people in several ways ,
as not to be detected among themselves.

(2nd) I would create and nourish and encourage a culture of ridicule for
those who have a basic morality and principles that made this country
great and sustained it.

(3rd) I would create multiple ways over time,of what is needed to
undermine the financial stability of the nation.

(4th) I would nurture ways to weaken and eventually, destroy
our military...beginning with the people's religious beliefs and moral.

(5th) I would put people ( and not necessarily qualified),in key positions to
create distrust in their constitutional form of government of the past (237) years.

Then I would...wait, wait, hold on here...!!! But why would I try and do all of that?
It appears "coincidently" that those are the VERY things that
are happening right now...are they not? Hmmm!

I'm reminded of something in God's Holy Word:
Psalm 11:3,"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?".

Until next time...

"My Biggest Downfall As A Christian"

I sometimes wonder:"Why is it that I am not a better Christian than what
God expects or knows that I can be?" Is there something that I can do,that would make me what God wants me to be? Is there one area of my life, that I may have failed miserably at?

Well, I think that I have the answer. Yep, there's no doubt about it! It can be
put into one single word. What is that word? Answer:PRAYER! That's it!
No doubt. ALL my failures have been prayer failures.That is, I have failed because I did not seek the face of The Lord in the matter FIRST

And all my giving into sin, has been prayer failures to pray.
In His Word, The Lord Jesus Christ has told me already that I should pray,
and the way to avoid temptation was to pray and ask God.

If I am to be honest with myself and God, I have failed miserably in having a good and proper prayer life. In 1Thessalonians 5:17, God inspired the
apostle Paul to write:"Pray without ceasing." Have I done that? Have I prayed
without ceasing? Of course not, not even close.

When we read the gospels and particularly concerning the earthly life of The Lord Jesus Christ,we learn that prayer consumed the life of our Savior. So, do I need it less? Do you need it less ?Pretty dumb question, huh? So what am I to do? Paul instructs us in Phillipians 4:6..."Be careful for nothing;but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests
be made known unto God."

Again I say, ALL my failures have been prayer failures, simply because I FIRST failed to seek the face of The Lord. For the Word of God says that my steps are ordered by The Lord...and so is yours.

until next time...

" Is Sexting a Sin? "

Is Sexting obscene texting? Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs,usually between mobile phones.

It's a topic that's been in the news lately with politicians as we all know.

It is a VERY serious problem,not only among adults wide spread,but with our kids MORE SO,(hello mom and dad ?).

Sexting has become so prevalent that, in August 2012,the word "Sexting" was listed for the first time in Merriam-Webster's ColligateDictionary.

Some people view Sexting as harmless.After all, there are only a few words and maybe some pictures involved.I mean,gee-whiz,it's not as if people are ACTUALLY committing adultery or fornication...right?

Matt. 5:28 says: (Jesus speaking)"I tell you, that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully,has already committed adultery with her in his heart".

This moral concept ALSO applies to how women look at men,and Jesus clearly equates lust with adultery here.

It's in the same hot skillet as when a man lusts after a man or a woman lusts after a woman.

So, the fact that "ONLY words and pictures are involved" is obviously immaterial to God.And if you disagree with me, then you have to take the matter up with Him and prove His Word wrong.BUT...I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you- you will turn blue,oh yeah, big time!

Colossians 3:5 warns us to "put to death" whatever belongs to our earthly nature, including sexual immorality, impurity,lust and evil desires.

Gal. 5:19-21 reveals the SEVERE consequences of disobedience in this matter: (v19) "Now, the works of the flesh are manifest,which are these;adultery, fornication,uncleanness,..." (v20) "Idolatry..." (Putting one's chief affections on any object or person,instead of on God. (v21) "...they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God." KJV.

BUT...what about Sexting between a married couple (one man , one woman)? Technically, Sexting between a husband and wife would not be a sin, since a satisfying sex life is a gift God has given and sanctioned ONLY between a married couple.

However, it is still ill-advised. You never know who might read your messages and/or see your photo's...including your kids.OUCH!

It's also possible that someone may happen to see nude photos of you spouse over your shoulder or some other way, and that may cause lust in that person's heart as a result. Sound unlikely?

James 1:14-15 tells us this: (v14)"Each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.(v15)" Then, after desire has conceived,it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full grown, gives birth to death."

And take heed: Given recent revelations concerning government surveillance of cellular telephones and Internet traffic, as well as the ability of hackers to intercept personal communications, and to intercept "electronic dust" residual, we must be careful in our use of cell-phones and other web-enabled devices.

Even if your not Sexting, you still face the problems of identity theft and data privacy that can be used against you.

My dear friend, it is best to follow the advice of the Apostle Paul in 1st Cor.10:31... "whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,do all for the glory of God.

Until next time...


"The Golden Rule of Bible Interpretation"

  • "The Golden Rule of Bible Interpretation" When the PLAIN SENSE of Scripture makes COMMON SENSE, SEEK NO OTHER SENSE. Therefore, take EVERY WORD at it's primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning, UNLESS the facts of the immediate context, studied in the light of related passages, and axiomatic ( self- evident) and fundamental truths, indicate CLEARLY otherwise. Almighty God in revealing His Word, neither intends nor permits the reader to be confused. He wants His children to understand. That's why His Word WILL ALWAYS interpret His Word. Scripture WILL ALWAYS interpret Scripture...not man. Until next time...


1) You are either saved or your not.

2). You either have God's Words or you do not.

3) A woman is either pregnant or she is not.

4) You either went over the speed limit or you did not.

5). You either passed the test or you didn't.

6) You don't just kinda have God's Words.

IF it is not correct to take a stand on having God's Words,then what subject IS correct to take a stand on?
Each version of the Bible says something different,therefore they cannot ALL be correct.
The Bible means what it says, NOT what we want it to mean.
God' Words are not open to discussion, debate or means what it says.
Because at God's Judgment Seat, we can use interpretations or translations as an excuse...BUT it "won't hold water".
What God says IS the final word.When God says it, that is the end of the discussion.His Words have never changed.God has not changed,nor will He ever. Look at what the Holy Scripture instructs us: (1.) Malachi 3:6..."For I Am The Lord,I do not change;...". (2.) Hebrew 13:8..."Jesus Christ,the same yesterday,and today,and forever".
Until next time....


2nd Peter 2:12-22

Awesome. You must read 2nd Peter 2:12-22.This will give you insight as to WHY so many people are so gullible, so often. My thoughts on this? Well, let's take a look & then you decide for yourself.
False teachers are described as CURSED CHILDREN, (in v.14), literally,"children of a curse". They are unable to satisfy the spiritual thirst of men, the meaning of ("wells without water" in v.17). And are blown away by every wind of doctrine ( "clouds" in v.17).
False teachers are further called ("servants of corruption "in v.19). Why? Despite their profession of salvation, they have become ("entangled" in the world & "overcome" by it).
Therefore their ("latter end is worse than their beginning" in v.20)profession.Why? They have now embarked on a course of action that DENIES their profession of The Lord Jesus Christ.
The illustration of the ("dog & sow" in v.22) vividly portray their folly. sum it up this way:You can't tell the "enemy" to get OUT, while you are opening the door to let him IN.
You see my friend, the role of a confidence man is NOT to convince skeptics,but merely to help the gullible believe what they WANT to believe.
That's it 'til next time...


"Praise, Worship, and Trust "

Life offers a wide variety of emotions and moods, due to a wide variety of
situations that come our way in life. Remember if you can, that : In HAPPY
moments,PRAISE God. In DIFFICULT moments, SEEK God. In QUIET moments,
WORSHIP God. In PAINFUL moments, TRUST God. And in EVERY moment,
THANK God If you have ever said ( and who hasn't at least once),"I didn't get
anything out of worship today", then you worshipped for the wrong reasons.
Remember: Worship isn't for's for GOD!
From Pastor Bob: Have a blessed day.

Pastor Judy

In Mark 11:24, the Scriptures state with Jesus saying: " Therefore I say unto

you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them,

and ye shall have them." But the Scripture before that in Mark 11:23 states that

you can have " no doubts ". The Scripture in Mark 11:25 says when you stand

praying, ( for the desire of your heart), YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE!!! I know we all

have desires, that God is very much wanting to give to us, but let's make

certain, we are doing our part. We must have the desire that LINES UP WITH

God's Word.We must not "doubt" that God IS working. And forgive those who

have wronged you...they are not worth it to you loosing YOUR blessing.Do you

REALLY want God to fulfill the desire of your heart? Your choice will tell all...ALL.

Have a blessed day!